This Feeds on the Light

"The love of this world is far more laborious

THIS is where we are sitting and having
Our evening meal. THIS is the table.
THIS is the candle. Watch how the wax flame
Wavers when I say THIS, how each thing
Glows and grows shorter and THIS
Feeds on the light. You in particular

Are radiant this evening, I can hardly bear to say
THIS is how lovely and watch.
I can bear the wine cork. I will watch the ladle.
All the world can go up in a puff when I say
THIS is the moment, for all I care.
And THIS is where we will sit and have

Our meal of ashes. THIS might be anywhere.
THIS is THIS, and it is
Its own candle. Watch how the flame bends
Over the wick end, and licks its pale plate
For the last of the light.

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