The Other Takes the Morning Off

Can it be that in spite of everything this morning
People are out walking around like
Walking people, people who walk
Past each other and people who smile to themselves
Like smiling people, or smiles that walk around?
What a simple day for a smile
To walk around, in spite of everything, for the sidewalk to be
There where it is, for the cars to be parked
Just where we parked them, and the grocer to stand
On the spot that he does stand, in his perfect apron, pushing
That exact broom, the first broom
Of morning, his impossible broom that says
I'm awake! And he is awake, and so am I.
Can it be that the trees this morning are
As tall as trees are, with just
That many blossoms, and branches that reach
As far as they do reach, and no farther?
Is it conceivable that the paper this morning was this morning's paper?
Somehow the news that I read there was just
The news that was, in those words, and no other.
I see a woman waving. She is the woman who waves.
I see a small crowd gather. That is the gathering crowd.
I see myself in reflection. I see myself in reflection. I walk
From where I was to where I am without falling
Into semblances, and when I tell you I walk
You believe me, you are smiling and I am talking
And you are the one who smiles.
And I tell you, beyond all that I’ve told you, that these
Are only examples, but these are
The examples that are.
In spite of everything, in spite of the long sigh
Of occupied buildings, in spite of the way
Buildings are sighing like sighing buildings, when I awoke
This morning, I was awake
And smiling, smiling just those
Ribbons into the children's hair.

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