The Morning of a Lifetime

-for Brynna Lois, B. May 29, 1985

Isn't this just the day to be alive and out walking
In a world that is all there is, knowing nothing of that which isn't,
Feeling sure that it all exists, that it simply does
What becomes its existence, with the ground
Laying down good grounds, and the hours
Taking time to be hours, and the trees
Living up to themselves in light
Of our knowing one
When we see one, and faces
Smiling at nothing that isn't
All it could be as such. Yes this certainly looks like the morning
Being all that it ever could be, becoming just
This day as such, though it might well take
All morning, turning out the way a smile turns out
To be itself at its most becoming, another clean fresh start
Where the days all start, only this one started today.
Wherever else sweet June begins, this is the June of beginnings.
If it's only just ending May, this must be the June of May.
And if it's only the hour it is, in a life full of passing moments,
In a life that is just this life, in its passing for itself each day,
Well that may well be true, but this morning the truth
Becomes it, and while what goes stays only
A moment this morning
It is whiling away its stay.
In the morning of her own two eyes, my daughter was born this morning.
In the early hours of her days, she was born on the noon of days.
In a world that is all there is, and never as yet what there isn't,
Never the room hope completed, always the room left for hope,
My daughter like the starlit sky, on a morning
That is only beginning, made a clean fresh start
Where the dreams all start, only this one came true today.

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