No One Feels Like I Do

Don't think life is like this. Don't think like I do.
Those who suffer, after all, are often those who suffer
In spite of themselves. They feel pain because they do so.
Some feel an ache that is more than just an ache they feel.
Others start to hurt because something has started to hurt.
There Are forms of pain that aren't Just
A Form of Pain, that don't feel like this,
Which only feels like this.
Feeling the way I do, I alone can be said to feel this.
I could share it with the others, but I'm afraid they'd feel it too.
The ache that I feel within, which is only the ache
To feel within, is the one thing
That I need, it's a way of being
Alone with myself, so don't nod your head
When I tell you about
The way it feels; when I nod my head,
I feel only a nodding head.
The burden I bear myself, which doesn't prove
I can bear myself, is a dead weight
To be sure, it's a way of being
The load that I bear, so don't lift me up
Like a thing that weighs
As much as itself; when I feel the weight,
I have only the feeling of weight.
When I look you in the eye, I have the feeling your eye is looked at.
When I listen to what is said, there is a sense of something said.
When I think of myself alone, and I take your hand
In the hand I'm alone with, don't squeeze back
As though something you feel
Could pass between us; if your touch is a sign,
I feel only the touch of a sign.
When the last feeling dies, I plan to be there as it does so.
I know I'll feel better, I just won't know that I do.
Those who differ, after all, are all the same in feeling different.
No one feels like I do, because I don't feel like I do.

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