As Far as You Know

The opposite of revolution is not reification.
The opposite of revolution is change
that is only change.

-Georg Lukacs

You wake up in the night. The apartment is empty.
Morning hasn't come. There is no such thing as morning.
There is such a thing as you, there is more than a little weariness
With yourself that won't sleep, that refuses to be rested,
But there isn't any morning, as far as you know.
As far as you know, there will never be a morning.
If the darkness grew lighter, it would only be growing light.
And if a new day then dawned, like the last thing you'd thought of,
And the milktruck arrived full of the wonder that it did,
And the barking dog barked, and you told me, and I believed you,
And the man sweeping the sidewalk somehow swept up
What was swept, it would all be
Too true, there would be no need
To think so, and in the end
Instead of morning, there would only be the truth.
As far as you know, you've seen the last of the mornings.
When the milktruck arrives, it will only be bringing milk.
And if the truth is you're tired, of the truth more than anything,
The truth that can't help changing into itself when it's changed,
Well that may well be so, you could never
Feel otherwise, you could always
Be otherwise, but you would still be like you.
You wake up in the night. This is all that it could be.
If everything were different, it would all be too true.
In the night, if there is a night, there can't be a morning.
In the darkness, there is darkness, just as far as you know.

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